This week's game against the Buffalo Bills the Cleveland Browns were able to showcase some of what was lacking in last week's win against the Giants. They also lacked in some areas where they showed strength last week despite their best efforts. Despite all of this the offense continues to show great promise fantasy wise and will be crucial to any fantasy players success this season.

Winner: The Running Backs

Last week everyone went into cardiac arrest when the cardiac kids couldn’t make waves with there ground attack. This week however the whole depth chart came out and took charge collectively. 

Carlos Hyde had a fantastic night, it started off with a dominant performance on the opening drive. First he decided to drive a defender into the ground with a stiff arm so violent the NFL will now work on banning those. Hyde then capped it off with a strong touchdown run showing his speed and finishing abilities. He concluded his night with a respectable stat line of 9 carries, 64 yards, 1 touchdown.

Duke Johnson also added to the fun showing he is not only elusive running east to west but also has an ability to run North to South. Duke burst up the gut and was breaking into the secondary and about to fly past them when he was tripped up by the new turf. Had it not happened he very well could have taken it to the house. While he didn’t contribute any in the passing game he did finish with a solid 4 carries for 27 yards.

The cherry on top of the great day on the ground was when Nick Chubb showed everyone why he was such a highly sought after prospect in the draft. Last week Chubb had a miserable game and couldn’t get much of anything going, this week he took off. Chubb showed excellent burst and cutting ability showcasing his knee is still good. Chubb also showed he can handle a larger workload which is something Cleveland will need in the future as they look for there bell cow back. Chubb had the best stat line of any of the running backs with a strong 11 carries, 53 yards, and 1 touchdown.

Loser: Antonio Callaway

After making lots of headlines last week, some good and some bad, Antonio Callaway went through a very quiet week both on and off the field. He had a good practice week based on reports coming out of camp however it didn’t translate over to the game on friday night. This is due mostly to the fact the running game took center stage and didn’t allow for much of the passing game to take part. 

Winner: The Defense

Last year this defense spent so much time on the field and when the defense is on the field obviously the offense is on the sideline. Pretty simple thinking right? Now with the way the defense has showcased itself this preseason it has shown it can make plays and get off the field. With them giving this offense more time and more chances to make and create plays that can lead to some big numbers people aren’t use to out of Cleveland. This is often a very overlooked fact in fantasy and is something you as a player need to realize matters with every team.

Loser: Tyrod Taylor

As previously mentioned the run game took over this game meaning  there wasn’t a sexy stat line next to Taylor's name like last week. He only went 4/7 for 22 yards and no scores. On a bright note, he continued to show though he can be a distraction for defenses which creates opportunities for others in the run game. He didn't turn the ball, which is another plus, over which continues to be his best quality and is crucial to fantasy success this year for every involved.

Winner: Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield continues to show every day at practice and now every week he plays you can see he is learning and absorbing everything coming his way. Like Tyrod he didn’t have a flashy stat line this week, 7/13 75 yards, but he showed great pocket presence while keeping his eyes downfield. As long as his progress continues to take the strides its taken thus far he will be a steal in rookie drafts and great stashes in dynasty and keeper leagues for years to come.

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