As this season enters into the playoffs the rest of the NFL turns its attention towards the next

season. You too, should have already begun making plans, sending offers, scouting college

players. Here I will discuss some of this springs hottest free agents in the dynasty community.

Some will resign, some will get tagged, others will try the market to our excitement or dismay.

Either way this time of year is for positive thought and forget that 4-12 season you just suffered


Le’Veon Bell

The Steelers would be crazy to let him go as the window is closing with Ben getting closer to the

end. He has stated before he wants to realign the way the running back position is paid and will

most likely be a difficult negotiation. Ultimately I think this is a tag type situation but let’s have

some fun.

Potential Landing Spots

Tampa Bay - Young QB (Winston), stud WR (Evans) looking to add a veteran that would easily

become the #1 RB on the team.

Houston - Again same setup as before, with Watson and Hopkins in those places but Lamar

Miller is not the answer for the Texans.

Seattle - Why not the weed is legal!!

Kirk Cousins

Washington has botched this Cousins issue from the jump and shouldn’t get to keep the

talented signal caller. They’ve had to tag him twice and it’s just a hunch but I think Kirk wants a

new start. Here are my thoughts.

Potential Landing Spots

Arizona - Maybe just maybe Larry stays one more year, a nice pool of talented younger WRs.

And David Johnson could all add some intrigue for Kirk to sign. If the defense can stay healthy

they are a tough team.

Jacksonville - Let’s be real Bortles didn’t get the Jags to the postseason, they got here despite

him. This organization should come calling for the former Spartan. Fournette, Allen Robinson,

Marquise Lee, Dede Westbrook and a NASTY defense would make this a great place to begin a

new chapter

New York - Either team, I would expect the Jets to skew young and draft a QB but hey, you

never know. I’m more inclined to think Giants though. Odell and Sterling make a nice duo, the

Giants could target RB, LB and DB then and potentially be right back in the NFC mix. Inter

division teams snagging free agents is a great Pats move and the G-Men fancy themselves of

the same ilk.

Jarvis Landry

Another player that really shouldn’t be allowed to leave his current team. The Dolphins need to

lock him in a room and find a way to keep him.

Potential Landing Spots

New England - Why not right? They’ve done it before. With an aging Edelman and Hogan not

staying healthy Jarvis would make for a great slot option with Cooks on the outside and Gronk

down the seam.

Tampa Bay - Evans and Godwin on the outside and Landry in the slot with OJ Howard

maturing…. Oh dear god!!!

Chicago - Mitch, Mitchell, Mitchy, Mitchum, whatever. The young man needs offensive

weaponry to ensure the John Fox gets properly washed off him. They have a good young RB in

Howard, the defense wasn’t Miami bad and Jarvis would be a young QBs best friend.

Sammy Watkins

The Rams traded for the wideout knowing they could potentially lose him a few month later. I

think LA will make a strong offer to keep the ultra talented pass catcher but that’s not what we

are here for.

Potential Landing Spots

Chicago - Again get Mitchell something, anything!! I don’t like the health concerns (foot, hip) that

Sammy (Maybe Samuel if he joins Mitchell) but when Watkins is healthy he is damn good.

Arizona - If Larry Fitzgerald were to hang up the Nike receiver gloves Sammy could find a home

in the Arizona sun as their primary pass catcher not listed on the depth chart as a running back.

SF - Jimmy G would surely drive Sammy up the Pacific Coast Highway himself if Watkins

decided to take a venture to the confines of Levi’s stadium.

Jags WRs

This includes Allen Robinson and Marquise Lee. Both are UFAs after this season. The Jags

may have gotten lucky when A Rob was injured early this year by getting themselves a

discount. But that also opened the door to Lee having his best season since leaving USC. I

remember hearing how Robinson was nearly uncoverable in camp this past summer and given

what this defense has done, that’s very high praise. Lee on the other hand has been a solid #1.

The tag may be in play for Allen (roughy 16 million) but Lee would need to sign. So let’s go

worst case for Jacksonville.

Potential Landing Spots

Carolina - Funchess who? Both of these Jags WRs are better options. I think Carolina has other

needs but anything can happen

Again, SF - Jimmy probably won’t road trip cross country with either of these guys but picking

them up at SFO and becoming immediate besties is imaginable.

Chicago - This time both Robinson and Lee join Mitchell in the Windy City to make the NFC

north a really rough group of teams.

Others to watch

Devante Adams - GB should tax locals and use the money to sign him

Jerrick McKinnon - Minnesota may go with Cook and Murray and let Jerrick go.

Jordan Matthews - Buffalo or Philly north as I call it would be in deep trouble at WR if he left.

Dion Lewis - Bill will use his Jedi mind tricks to keep Lewis in New England

Teddy Bridgewater - Oof do the Vikings have a good problem on their hands with the way

Keenum has played, Sam Bradford (also UFA) and Teddy this QB room has a ton of talent

Tyler Eifert - The often injured TE might be calling the same moving company as Marvin Lewis

will be shortly

Terrelle Pryor - Hey Washington, you tried. Pryor was this years square peg, round hole player

of the year this never worked from day one. Hopefully he can get another shot in a system that

will find a way to bring him back.