The gentlemen of the Dynasty Happy Hour podcast (@DHH_Tyler, @DaFantasyFather, @DHH_Tim with amazing guest @JMicCheck) slayed dragons with their hot takes and the writing staff is following their lead! I asked this question amongst our writing staff, ‘What is your hot take prediction for fantasy football in 2018?’

Aaron Yakel (@yakeanbake) is our Packers team writer and new to the writing circuit. Aaron drops the heat with this take: “Ty Montgomery will finish the year as a top 12 running back in PPR. Barring injury, he will have the pass-catching role at minimum, with some slot wide receiver opportunity as well.” Great take from our Packers writer, the opportunity is there and if Montgomery can stay healthy it definitely isn’t a far-fetched take, and he is being drafted as the third Packers running back- it’s hot Aaron!

Cody Kutzer (@CKutzer) is a veteran writer and covers the Steelers at DHH- Cody’s bold fiery take: “Melvin Gordon finishes as THE running back #1 in 2018. Fantasy owners like to hate on Gordon for his lack of efficiency, but his volume and uptick in targets will buoy him once again - this time to the top. The improvements on the line will get him over 4 yards per carry, and an even stronger defense will create more opportunities for the offense.” Nothing to add to that, Gordon will see an increase with Hunter Henry out and the short passing game void could be filled some with Gordon. 

Brett Burg (@DHHBrettBurg) will provide analysis of the Detroit Lions this year and he went to one of the most interesting backfields and proclaimed, ‘Nick Chubb will lead this year's rookies in yards per carry.’ It will be a tough backfield to break out from, but Chubb has the talent to take the role. The offense will be more dynamic and Chubb taking the lead back role and being successful isn’t far-fetched. I doubt many think he will have a better yards per carry than Saquon Barkley- Brett with a smoldering take!

Corey Cameron (@Fantasy_Batman) covers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for DHH and his take involves a polarizing back, “Derrick Henry finishes as a top 10 running back. Henry earns a higher share of touches as the season goes on, and when Dion Lewis inevitably misses games he gets a massive workload.” Bold proclamation Corey! Henry is a massively talented back yet the Titans paid Lewis nearly $5 million dollars a year to come in and have a role. Lewis has been highly productive when healthy, but if he goes down, it’s the Derrick Henry show! It’s getting hot in here!

Robby Jeffries (@RobbyJeffries) is an experienced writer in many areas and will cover the Cowboys. Robby spews out this lava, “Amari Cooper will finish as a top 5 wide receiver. Jon Gruden offenses feature one stud wide receiver and Cooper is ready to increase his target share on this offense. Red zone targets will also increase.” Cooper maintains his cost as a top dynasty wide receiver despite struggles in 2017, and a 2018 top 5 finish would cement him as a top overall asset. The talent is there, opportunity is there, and a healthy Derek Carr will help. It’s fire Robby, it’s hot!

Paul Hamilton (@HashMarkHero) will write articles covering the Los Angeles Chargers this season and Paul states, “Battle for LA - Chargers and Rams - could be decided at Super Bowl LIII which will take place at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium on February 3, 2019. Both teams have elite level defenses on paper, enough offensive firepower to score from anywhere on the field, and a running back capable of grinding out the clock if their defense takes over a game.” Doug agreed on the podcast and I cast my vote as well, let’s see Super Bowl LIII a Battle for Los Angeles- incendiary take Paul!

David Berger (@carljunior) will cover the exciting Los Angeles Rams talked about above and says, “Robert Woods will finish as a PPR WR1.” HOT! Robert Woods will still fight for targets with Cooper Kupp, newly acquired Brandin Cooks, and talented tight end Gerald Everett - can Jared Goff get enough targets to Woods? Goff threw the ball 477 times in 2017 and the defense vastly improved, it’s a fiery take David- I feel like I am standing in the oven, son!

Anthony Luchs (@antlux31) will provide news and notes for the site about the New York Giants in 2018. Anthony’s hotness covers TWO seasons, “David Johnson will be the first player since Priest Holmes in 2002 to finish as the #1 running back in fantasy 2 years in a row. He will go back to back as RB1 in 2018 and 2019.” Johnson will be back with a vengeance and the Arizona team is much different than the one he dominated with in 2016. The opportunity is there and the team is all his. Anthony steps on Cody’s Melvin Gordon take with his heated take! 

Andrew Harbaugh (@DHH_Mandrew) is the writer covering the Cleveland Browns and his blazing take was, ‘David Njoku will be a top 3 fantasy tight end this year. Tyrod Taylor gave his tight ends an average of 105 targets a year in Buffalo. Cleveland only has Njoku as a receiving tight end and I expect him to have close to 100 targets this year, enough to support the top three status.’ Cleveland is an exciting team and Njoku has the talent to be a dominating piece of the Browns puzzle. Baker Mayfield supported tight ends well in college as well if he takes the quarterback battle. Andrew is a new writer but is a veteran at setting takes ablaze!

Danny Dalton (@DannyTropical14) covers the Miami Dolphins and is used to the warmth with that Twitter handle. Danny brings extra heat with this take: “Ryan Tannehill will be a top 10 fantasy quarterback and will go to the Pro Bowl this season. His last 8 games in 2016 before his injury, the Dolphins were 7-1 and he had a 69% completion rating for 1,743 yards, 14 touchdowns, 4 interceptions - for a passer rating of 102. He enters his second year playing in Adam Gase’s offense, and the offense has improved as a whole.” I can’t provide any more insight on that Danny- it’s hot and I like it like that!

Michael LaValley (@DHH_Miggy) will write about the Jacksonville Jaguars and plays many formats of fantasy football. His smolten take is an IDP fireball, ‘Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye will finish top 5 in the league in passes defended and interceptions. @PFF scored Bouye as the best cornerback in coverage in passer rating allowed. Expect these two to shut down opposing top wide receivers on a weekly basis.’ Ramsey and Bouye are immensely talented and will make life tough on any quarterback they face this season. Both are capable of being the top overall cornerback in football. The IDP heat is ferocious Michael!

Allen Chevalier (@AllenChevalier1) covers the Oakland Raiders and is another writer new to the writing game. Allen’s simple but sizzling take, “Christian McCaffrey will be top 5 overall in PPR scoring.” McCaffrey will get tons of targets in Carolina and 125 targets is not an unrealistic prediction. An increase in carries could also be in the cards and McCaffrey could easily be a top 5 scorer in fantasy football. Great take Allen, absolutely fierce!

Jacob Henry (@JacobHenryFF) is our editor at DHH and a great guy that has to deal with all my corrections needed. Jacob ignites with this take, “Carlos Hyde is a dynasty buy. Uncertainty in the Cleveland backfield leaves Hyde without a clear role for the 2018 season as of yet. Likely to be cut by Cleveland in the 2019 offseason due to a $5 million cap hit, all of Hyde's guaranteed money is attached to the 2018 season. Talented and just 26, Hyde has better odds of landing in a better situation during the 2019 offseason. He would only stay in Cleveland if he outperformed Nick Chubb and earned a significant role next to Duke Johnson, cementing himself as the touchdown scorer and primary runner. Either outcome is a boon for an owner who can buy Hyde now.” It’s blazing hot Jacob- and I know this take won’t need to be edited!

Jesse Patterson (@df_patterson) is a veteran in the writing and podcast circuit and goes BOLD with this take, “Cameron Meredith will be a top 24 PPR wide receiver in 2018. Drew Brees had no secondary option to Michael Thomas last year and relied on passing to his running backs too much. Expect a heavy target load for Meredith as teams key on stopping Thomas and the run game.” With an overall muddy quarterback situation with the Bears in 2016, Meredith amassed 888 yards on 66 catches with 4 touchdowns and displayed good route running with good hands. The type of wide receiver that Brees typically relies on. Jesse’s take is straight fire, good stuff!

Nick Martinez (@NickMartinezFF) contributes at DHH in various areas and his fiery take states, “Rob Gronkowski will not only be the overall TE1, but will score enough PPR points to place him inside the top 10 of PPR scoring of all WR/RB/TE. Last year, he finished with 227 fantasy points despite missing two games which put him just outside the top 20 for PPR scoring. Brandin Cooks leaves behind 114 targets and wide receiver Julian Edelman will miss the first four games of the season, leaving Tom Brady no choice but to throw "Yo soy fiesta" himself.” I don’t speak Spanish, but this take is definitely ‘en fuego’! Gronkowski will be a bigger part of the Patriots offensive game plan and an increase in targets is a virtual lock. A top 10 scoring tight end with many leagues moving to tight end premium would make Gronk a fantasy football MVP candidate in 2018.

I am Dwight Peebles (@DHHPeeblesChamp) and I will cover the Cincinnati Bengals and drop IDP and devy knowledge for DHH. My flaming hot take: “The Bengals will feature an RB1 in Joe Mixon, a WR1 in A.J. Green, a TE1 in Tyler Kroft, and a QB1 in Andy Dalton in 2018.” Mixon and Green are ultra-talented and will carry the offense. Kroft has enough of a bond with Dalton to take a step forward after Eifert fails to play all season. Dalton is probably the biggest surprise of this take: as recently as 2015, Dalton flirted with top 10 quarterback production and the overall efficiency of the offense will take pressure off Dalton. Is that hot enough, or just plain crazy? 

Thank you, everyone, for reading our DHH staff hot takes and follow all of our writers and team on Twitter. Visit Dynasty Happy Hour for more team analysis, rankings, and articles featuring dynasty content.