Thanksgiving every year is one of my favorite holidays because I love food, as my body reflects; more importantly, it brings the family together. One thing families also bond over on Thanksgiving is football. While there aren’t many devy prospects or college games being played this year on Thanksgiving Day, you will still get your fill of devy thanks to yours truly. 

As you sit down at your tables today and you look out over the course your hard working family members or yourselves have prepared I want some of this food to give you a visual. When you see your favorites foods or your least favorite I want you to see Devy prospects. Does this make you obsessed as a fantasy player? Eh, maybe but that's not important what is important is you realize football is part of your family. As your devy family member allow me to pass you the goods this holiday season.

Drew Lock, QB, Missouri

Game: Vs. Arkansas, 2:30 PM EST 11/23

Thanksgiving Comp: Turkey

The most overrated food on Thanksgiving is also the staple of the holiday itself. Drew Lock was one of the players always talked about during the build up to this season. Coming into the year after posting crazy numbers such as 2017’s 3,964 passing yards and 44 touchdowns, many believed he was the second coming of Pat Mahomes. Mahomes is that perfect juicy bird that every cook aims for, just like Mahomes is the type of quarterback every franchise tries to find. Drew Lock, however, is the type of bird I always end up having year after year. It looks great and passes the eye test, but when you dive into it and see what it brings to the table it's just a dry and forgettable meal. Until Lock can put it together consistently he will continue to be the most overhyped prospect in college football.

Karan Higdon, RB, Michigan

Game: At Ohio State, Noon, 11/24

Thanksgiving Comp: Baked Corn

Baked corn is the staple of Thanksgiving my stepmother brought with her the first time she spent the holiday with us, and since then I have been hooked. The first time I saw Karan Higdon was when Michigan was featured on the Amazon series All or Nothing. Since then I have dived into his game film and I keep falling more and more in love with him. Much liked the baked corn, I realize not a lot people know about Higdon since the stars at Michigan are Jim Harbaugh and the defense. However, this doesn’t mean you should dismiss either the baked corn or Higdon, as both should become staples for you in the future.

Dexter Williams, RB, Notre Dame

Game: Vs. USC, 8 PM EST, 11/24

Thanksgiving Comp: Mashed Potatoes

Arguably everyone's favorite food at Thanksgiving is the completion of any dinner plate, mashed potatoes. This brings us to the player that has been the main reason behind Notre Dame surviving poor quarterback play early in the year and an Ian Book injury two weeks ago, Dexter Williams. Williams had to wait his turn to get the spotlight as the backup to Josh Adams in 2017. This is why he is the mashed potatoes for this team again: everybody gets them and you have to wait your turn, but when you get the bowl you give yourself an extra scoop. Williams sat behind Adams, but Williams wasted no time once he left in taking the reins for the third ranked Irish. Expect him to climb the ranks especially once the combine rolls around, as his running ability paired with his size makes him a sleeper for 2019 rookie drafts.

I hope you enjoyed this fun article as you spend time with your families and be sure to let me know who you would make as a food comp! Tag me on Twitter @DHH_Mandrew and enjoy rivalry week, as there are a load of games this week that are worth watching. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your families.