Welcome, my name is TJ, and I bleed purple. I’d like to formally introduce myself as a lifelong Vikings fan and new writer at the Dynasty Happy Hour; I would love any and all Vikings questions to be directed to @DoubleTakeTJ on twitter. Now that I did my plugs, I’ll get to the meat of it all. Everybody in Minnesota absolutely loves Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs; they’re both miraculous in their own ways. Thielen hails from small town Detroit Lakes, attended D2 college Mankato State, and then somehow rose to stardom as an undrafted free-agent on the Vikings practice squad. Diggs on the other hand is a fifth round pick from perennial BIG 10 bottom-feeder Maryland; after dealing with a myriad of soft tissue injuries he was a God send for the Vikings, eventually scoring a beautiful walk-off touchdown against the New Orlean Saints in the playoffs. I would love to own both players on all of my teams, but that is neither realistic, nor practical. Fantasy football players are usually faced with a tough decision; draft Thielen or Diggs?

    The best way to look at this is to compare it to the movie Daddy’s Home, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The feel good comedy features Ferrell as the step-father and Wahlberg as the stud father with commitment issues; the pair fight for the love of their family in different ways while stepping on each others toes. Ferrell as a father is secure, and is always there to make you feel good. He can be counted on daily but wouldn’t randomly blow your mind and fashion the greatest day of your life. Wahlberg on the other hand, can be awesome. One day there’s a backyard skatepark, and the next you get to meet Kobe at the Lakers game; but, there’s a downfall. He’s inconsistent, sometimes can’t be trusted, and could bail on you any day. This my friends is how I view Thielen and Diggs. If you haven’t used your intuition yet, Thielen is the step-father while Diggs is the flaky father. I love them both, but unfortunately for this exercise we have to choose one. To me the decision is situational.

    Don’t worry, I can explain. Let’s say for scenario one you take the popular approach of drafting back to back RB, resulting in a combination of Alvin Kamara and Devonta Freeman. In scenario two, you land DeAndre Hopkins at the back of the first round, then draft Christian McCaffrey early in the second. I would love to have any of those four players on my team, but who I have changes the Vikings receiver I target in the third round. If I did scenario one, I’m taking Thielen because I need a solid WR1; at the end of the day Thielen makes me feel comfortable. He’s the cheesy step-dad that won’t blow me away but I still love, I can always depend on Thielen. If I went with scenario two, I’m taking Diggs without a thought. Sure, he could leave me feeling broken inside for trusting him, but I’ve already taken a sure fire WR1 in Hopkins. Diggs as my WR2 could be a league winner, as he’s a player that wouldn’t shock me with a top 5 finish. In scenario two I’m taking the dangerous yet (possibly) richly rewarding Stefon Diggs.

    Of course a few of you still won’t be satisfied so I’ll answer a few basic questions here. In a redraft vacuum, I’m taking Adam Thielen. This is a player that we’ve seen reach 1000 receiving yards, runs primarily out of the slot (where Cousins LOVES to throw it), has been nearly injury free, and should face positive touchdown regression after a measly 3 touchdown season. In a dynasty league I draft Diggs over Thielen for simpler reasons. The man just got shown the cash homie, has a glorious lookings route tree on Matt Harmon’s Reception Perception (available with the Fantasy Footballer’s UDK), and at 25 years old brings the upside to dominate your league. For any readers out there, thank you! I hope to continue posting decent content, and Skol!