Little background before the insanity is laid out before you- this league was assembled last minute, an entire startup auction conducted in seven days finishing two days before NFL Week 1 kickoff, and hence the name Kamikaze. 40+ roster spots, superflex, PPR, and 6 point TDs. With rookie money coming up, the highest teams had around $800 available. What has made the Kamikaze League so fun has been the active owners, this day will display exactly how fun and active a dynasty league should be. 

Owners with Twitter Handle and (Team Name):

David Berger @carljunior (Fu-Go Bomb Squad), John Parrott @JohnParrott725 (Just Win, Baby), John Bosch @EmpireFFL (Spend $$$ to Make $$$$$$, League Champion), Sean Worrell (Kamikaze Squirrels), John Michael @JMicCheck (Desperate Desperados), Kyle Shumway @Ffpadawan (Scuba Squad), Corey Cameron @dynastyhhpod (Irish Hooligans), Robby Jeffries @RobbyJeffries (Rookie Smarts), Clint Followell @FantasyPastor (Rambo), Chris Svoboda @TheSvobodaChris (The Gold Standard), Cody Kutzer @CKutzer (Death by Air Mail), Dwight Peebles @DJsFirst (Thunder Chicken), Tyler Behrens @Ty_Behr (team nameless- slacker), and Trey Barrett @TreyBarrett (Darkside Emperors)

I wanted you to know the names and handles, add all of these gentlemen if you haven’t and if they volunteer to take a spot in your league- take them- all are great and active owners!

January 6, 2018

It started as a normal day, the normal amount of league chatter. Some trash talking, John (Empire) boasting about how great he was for winning the inaugural championship- nothing out of the ordinary. There were a few thrown around insinuations of trade offers wafted through the Voxer chat for the Kamikaze league- a league of fans of the DHH podcast as well as a few members of their podcast. 

The message board had been quiet for some time until mid-afternoon and then the first trade broke. Clint finished middle of the pack and was looking for a QB and dropped the gauntlet- trading Leonard Fournette and $350 to Corey’s Hooligans squad for Derek Carr and Cameron Meredith. The Voxer chat absolutely lit up with chatter, the league champ remarking at the time ‘Holy cow, this is fun’ at the trade setting what would be an escalating market for QBs. Basic consensus was that Clint was nuts and Clint scoffed at all, declaring that DeAndre Hopkins was on the market which set off a huge push of offers for the highest scoring WR of 2017. 

Offers were flying at Clint for Nuk, everyone interested making a push to get the talented young WR and another bomb dropped. Robby trades Jimmy Garoppolo (QB10 for the weeks he played) and Kelvin Benjamin to Kyle’s Scuba Squad team for Marvin Jones, Jonnu Smith, and $444 total. Another ripple hits the league and by now the message board is littered with dozens of messages and voice rants as the QB market hits another level for a hardly proven but promising young QB. In just over an hour two huge trades seemingly out of nowhere has everyone's competitive juices flowing and running offers through their heads. 

Then the Hopkins trade hit- we all thought this would likely be the last big trade but it was early evening- Clint trades Jacoby Brissett and DeAndre to Chris’ Gold Standard team for Jared Goff, Josh Gordon (Clint’s bromance), along with Ricardo Louis. This secures Clint’s second starting QB of the day and gives Chris the anchor his team needs at WR for 2018. Reaction hits another level, some fired up for not getting Hopkins, some calling Clint even crazier than before, but the trading has not ended yet.  A trade of this caliber player doesn't come around much and team owners are pushing for that next accepted big offer. 

The final trade and the big boy… David threatened to send David Johnson for Cam Newton and Trey Barrett says ‘YOU STAY AWAY FROM CAM’ via message and then promptly ships Martavis Bryant, Josh Doctson, and $800- yes $800- to John Michael for Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey and jaws drop again- Voxer has officially lost its mind and the QB market is forever set at crazy expensive. Cam, the number 3 scorer overall in league format, and CMac, the #12 RB, all traded for a king’s ransom of $800. JMic jumps to the forefront of the Saquon Barkley sweepstakes with a boatload of new money as well. 

Fast and furious- these trades all went down between 4 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. EST. All in all there was $1,594 in cash moved, 4 top QBs in Cam, Goff, Carr, and Jimmy G, two top RBs in Fournette and McCaffrey, as well as the top WR in 2017 scoring. Thank you Robby for the instant recap on the day of. Mindboggling to think of all the players moving, many top assets in dynasty as their respective positions. 

Midway through it all one of the orders messaged, ‘Let’s give it up to everyone here though, how great is this league? 100s of messages and multiple trades going through on a Tuesday in January. How does everyone not play dynasty over redraft?’ Great though Corey- why???

The next day featured a few trades but nothing like this one day in the Kamikaze league. Comment below if your league has had a day of crazy trades and I hope your league has the passionate, crazy, fun owners that the Kamikaze DHH league does!