The Industry Mockstravaganza continues into the third round and 12 industry experts continue drafting to see how much ADP and drafting has changed throughout the offseason and before regular season. I have DeAndre Hopkins and Devonta Freeman so far. Hoping to get another RB here! 

With the sixth pick in the third round of the 2018 Mockstravaganza, Britt Bisson selects… Adam “Hooked on a” Theilen. Nice pick there, it seemed early but he should be awesome with Kirk Cousins flinging the rock!

With the seventh pick in the third round of the 2018 Mockstravaganza, DHH selects....

Alex Collins! Collins started 12 games for the Ravens in 2017 and if you had him in your starting lineup late season he likely lead you to a title. He rushed for 973 yards and a 4.6 YPC with 6 scores. Collins doesn’t figure much into the passing game but was a solid runner despite being the only consistent part of the Ravens offense. The offense added some pieces in the offseason and should be more overall efficient and open things up for Collins. He just turned 25 a few days ago and will be a part of the Ravens backfield for years to come!

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ROUND 4 Update

Going into Round 4 I felt I needed another WR, after starting with Hopkins, Freeman, and Collins in first 3 rounds. Pick 6 in the fourth round, DHH selects..

Allen Robinson! Drafting him for the WR1 he could be if Mitchell Trubisky develops into the QB that most think he can be. Robinson dominated in 2015 and showed flashes in 2016 before losing 2017 to injury. His 2015 numbers were freakish - 80 catches for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. Robinson has shown ability to be an elite wideout, and Chicago paid him as one giving him a 3 year contract worth $42 million. I liked where he landed and the talent is there, definitely a risk that can have a high reward!

ROUND 5 Update

I was salivating when my favorite player to draft fell to me in round 5...

Corey Davis! I love Davis, he is one of my favorite players and I outline all the reasons why I feel he should break out here!I feel the Titans offense will take a step forward and the physical attributes he has will get a chance to shine. Davis will dominate the NFL for years to come. 


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