Do I really have to write anything else? Ok, I'll inform our DHH family why I think this Lions passing game is going to be as good as ever. BECAUSE MATTHEW STAFFORD IS AWESOME!!!! There....

QB/Passing Attack

Ok I'm done messing around and its time to get down to business. Matthew Stafford and this passing attack puts up top 5 numbers year in and year out (at least they try to put up top 5 numbers). From 2011-2016 Stafford averaged over 600 passing attempts/year. Last year Tom Brady lead the league in passing attempts with 581, with Stafford a few spots back with 565 attempts. All through those years Stafford threw for no fewer than 4,250 yards, topping 5,000 back in 2011. Stafford has also throw 41, 20, 29, 22, 32, 24, and 29 Tds from 2011-2017, just to throw in TDs into the conversation. If you didn't get the chance to check out my last article on the rushing game, please do. If not you still might know that the Lions rushing game has been pathetic and that definitely helped boost these stats.

RB's Receiving Game

The Lions O-Line should be better this year with the return of Taylor Decker and the addition of 1st rounder Frank Ragnow. This could take some numbers away from our good old friend in the PPR world, Theo Riddick. For years now the Lions have made up for the lack of a rushing attack by replacing it with a short passing attack out of the backfield. I don't expect this to change drastically, but if they can get a legit run game going this year, Theo's numbers should take the hit. Kerryon Johnson might also have something to say about those targets. Johnson should be getting targets on 1st and 2nd down. Riddick will still get his share on 3rd down and hopefully we finally get some more slot work out of him.

Ameer Abdullah...


People like to talk about the duo of Stephon Diggs and Adam Theilan and what a year they had for the Vikings last season. Well I'm here to break it to you, Marvin Jones and Golden Tate matched them and can be bought at a fraction of the price. The Lions duo received a combined 227 target, 153 receptions, 2,107 yards and 14 TD's. Both of them ended up as WR1s in PPR leagues. I hear people calling for a regression from Jones due to the fact that this year was an anomaly for him. I think this is a decent take, but someone has to catch all those passes coming from Stafford. Kenny Golladay has been a fan favorite to take a leap this year. He is 6-4 and looks to be the top redzone threat this season. I have been a fan since the Lions drafted him and I tried getting him all over the place, only having success in my home league where I traded Dez (pre-release) for Kenny Golladay + Robby Anderson.

TE's Receiving Abilities?

The Lions let Eric Ebron go and signed Luke Wilson, former Seahawk. Wilson will join last years 4th round pick Michael Roberts to make up this years TE depth for the Lions.... Who knows what is going to come of this. Luke Wilson had some good games in Seattle when Jimmy went down, but there isn't much to take from that. Roberts is cheap and should be stashed in deep leagues. Someone is going to be the Lions starting TE right?