This past Saturday at the 2019 NFL Combine the tight ends, wide receivers, and quarterbacks completed on-field workouts held inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Workouts included stretch testing, vertical jump, broad jump, short shuttle, long shuttle, 40-yard dash, and some catching/throwing drills. To many, this day of offensive prospects was the main attraction of the event.  Nonetheless, the action from 9:30am to 3:30pm on Saturday took fans and the internet by storm. 

There were two free sessions offered by to attend on Saturday. There was an 8:00am and 10:30am session fans could attend, but in actuality, it was just two different times fans could enter the stadium. offered free tickets on a first-come first-served basis, where after entering it was stated by the staff that over 4,500 fans would be on hand to watch the workouts. 

After being ushered into the stadium and into staging areas, fans were given a combine notebook and a broadcast earpiece to listen to the NFL Network broadcast television watchers get to see at home. Former Indianapolis Colt wide receiver Reggie Wayne was a special guest commentator on the earpiece, offering information on the drills and experience the players would be going through on the field. After a quick briefing of conduct policy and fan expectations, fans were escorted into “300-level" seating of the stadium’s upper bowl. Televisions were set up in the first row to relay the NFL Network broadcast. Fans were not allowed to take pictures or record videos of the event. 

The first group to take the field were the tight ends at 9:30am. They stretched and warmed up for about 30 minutes before taking part in the stretch testing on the opposite side of the field of the fans.. For anyone who wants to attend in the future, it is highly recommended to bring binoculars to determine which prospect is testing. Remember, fans may know them by name, but at the combine players are listed as TE4 or TE12 on their combine apparel. After the stretch tests, there was a short break and another warm-up leading into the 40-yard dashes.

After the completion of the 40-yard dashes, there was some on-field route-running and blocking drills for the tight ends. During the drills, the first group of wide receivers began to warm up along the south end zone of the stadium. Some quarterbacks had also begun warm-ups during the tight end 40-yard dashes in preparation to throw to the tight ends during   drills. There were two groups of wide receivers and quarterbacks, with the groups split at about 18 wide receivers and 6 quarterbacks per group.

After the tight ends finished their on-field workouts, it was the quarterbacks’ turn to run their 40s. Once the 40s were completed, the wide receivers took to the main stage and ran their 40s. The first group then convened at center field to go over drills which included toe tap, the receiving gauntlet, and routes. The second group of wide receivers and quarterbacks were then ushered over for broad jump and vertical jump testing.

Once the on-field workouts were complete for both quarterback/wide receiver groups, the fans were escorted out of the seating bowl. It was suggested by the team to head over to the Convention Center next door to watch the bench press and also see Radio Row. Once inside the bench press venue, many fans were able to see the linebacker group taking part in the exercise. This venue was a lot more energetic, as cheering was encouraged for the players. Once the last linebacker finished up, that was it until the defensive lineman followed suit about 30 minutes later.

For any fan traveling to Indianapolis to attend the NFL Combine in future years here are some suggestions to utilize during your stay:

  1. Use to get free tickets to the event. It’s free! Depending on what session(s) you want to attend, most have tickets available. Parking is also free at the venue if you are driving to Lucas Oil Stadium.
  2. Bring binoculars and a pen to record notes on the combine notebook the team provides to the fans. 
  3. Concessions are offered in the concourses, but food/drink is not allowed in the seating bowl. The use of a mobile device is also prohibited in the seating bowl, although many fans did use them to time for the 40-yard dash. The provided earpiece comes in handy during this time when you’re stepping out for a refreshment or snack.
  4. There are a lot of breaks during the drills and testing, so be prepared to fill the voids in the schedule.
  5. Avoid sitting above the provided televisions in the first row of the seating bowl. Some of the vantage points for the 40-yard dash are obstructed by these televisions.
  6. Check out the bench press venue, t’s electric in there. Radio Row is also at this location; many a fan can see their local radio station broadcasting live.

Many team reps, scouts, and general managers, and staff attend the NFL combine to scout the prospects. It is pretty exhilarating knowing those individuals will use the evaluations from the combine to make selections during the NFL draft in late April, and as a fan you watched the same workouts they did! With the opportunity to attend the NFL Combine for free, fans should absolutely take advantage and see future NFL stars compete.