Volume 2: Power Hungry / Infinity War

Growing up in the 1980s, a staple of my childhood was baseball/football cards and comic books. Comic books were not as accessible to me, but my friends had them and I would get one occasionally- we spent many days playing outside pretending to be Batman or Spiderman. Baseball and then football cards were everywhere though, I could get them at any store and would save my money for them. 

Fantasy football came into the picture for me in the early 1990s, and I stopped collecting sports cards around 1995. I stopped reading comics for quite some time but would pick up one occasionally as I entered adulthood. Superhero movies were always some of my favorite movies and with the rise of Marvel movies over the last ten years, my love of that universe was rekindled. 

I first heard of this crazy concept of a fantasy football league that included superpowers as part of the league - powers that could alter scoring, steal players, and raise all kinds of mayhem. After hearing of this and then doing some research and joining a powers league- I immediately started my own league that incorporated powers and then joined the original superpower league- Power Hungry. 


I first heard of this concept on the Fantasy Insanity podcast and coincidentally, the podcast was hosted by the creator of the Power Hungry league. John Bosch, @EmpireFFL, created this 14 team league that is now entering its third season of existence. The league is a rolling bankroll league that incorporates powers into the league, creating an element of strategy that can make it more challenging. There is so much more to these leagues, more than I can cover in several paragraphs, here are brief descriptions of both. 

The powers can affect lineups, scoring, waivers- some are positive, some negative, and all can be traded as well as auctioned after they have been used. Each has multiple uses and each can be used on any player in the league. This can create extra strategy elements- last season, one owner paid the owner of a power to freeze a NFL player from scoring any points on a Monday night game, the NFL player was on the team of a competitor for the first owner. This ultimately shaped playoff seeding and it introduced a new element of strategy. 

One of the favorite powers is Resurrection- the power allows the owner of the power to steal a player from a roster that has been sitting active on a bench for 5 consecutive weeks. This is a fun wrinkle and makes people really check their rosters. Another is the Handicapper- it gives one team the difference in average points scored of their opponent. For instance, if the team that plays it averages 110 and the team they are playing averages 160 – the Handicapper gives the first team 50 points at  the beginning of the week. There is a Waiver Steal, a Waiver Block- both mess with waivers- and a Time Travel power that allows you to make a lineup change at the end of the week. There are many more- 18 powers total. Powers all have rules of when they can be played and the rule book is detailed and every evolving. 

Couple all of this with the bankroll aspect as well as auctions and side games, John created a fun interactive league with all kinds of strategy involved. There are some great owners that communicate constantly on Voxer and it is highly competitive as well. The powers add an element to the league that makes it so much different. Very fun league overall!

The Infinity War was created by myself after hearing and joining Power Hungry, I really wanted to take the concept of the Marvel universe and Infinity War movie and then create a league that used powers found in the Marvel universe. It is also rolling bankroll, it has 12 teams and each team in represented by a major hero and two minor heroes. All heroes and players are acquired via auctions and all are also tradeable. There are more powers and also blocks, there are also detailed rules and an order which powers can be played. 

For an example, my team is a team represented by Thor and my powers as Thor include one that replaces the score of a player with the player’s highest score that season and a minor power that deals 25% of damage to a flex player. I have two minor characters- Loki and Storm- Loki does the same as the Resurrection power in the Power Hungry league and Storm replicates any minor power played by any other team that week. Each team in the league has one major hero which has one major unblockable power, a minor power, and a block and then also two minor heroes that each have one minor power. Below are examples of two other heroes and their powers:

All heroes are from the Marvel universe- anywhere from Thor to Magneto, Night Crawler to The Hulk. Powers may not be played in the playoffs. The winner of the league gets to have Thanos representing their team the next season and the loser has Howard the Duck. Both teams that make the championship game also win an Infinity Stone. The first team to garner six Infinity Stones win the rolling progressive championship. The championship trophy is also the Infinity Guantlet. 

The league is entering its second season and there were some growing pains with powers and how the order played affects everything but the second season is shaping up to be highly competitive and fun. There is a great group of owners that are flexible and have fun, all interested in Marvel and there is a mix of football and comic/movie talk on the Voxer channel. It requires owners that can roll with things and not get too upset when a power is played. It was a very fun season and going forward- the league should be tons of fun!

If interested in poking around the page… http://www64.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/61089