This is part 1 of 2 articles for fantasy owners looking to dip their toes into the devy waters.

It wasn't that long ago when playing in a 2QB or Superflex league was the newest fad. Now those leagues are so common owners look at 1 QB leagues with a nonchalant shrug and a "nothing to see here" attitude. So what is the next big thing for dynasty owners to try? What will provide a challenge and offer more entertainment when variance in fantasy league types is growing every year? The answer is devy! How sure am I? Just think of me as an Astro standing in the batters box with a "feeling" that I know what pitch is coming.  

For those who aren't familiar with Devy Fantasy Football, devy stands for developmental and it allows owners to draft players before they declare for the NFL draft. Of course every devy league is a little different. Some you can draft kids in high school (these people are a little crazy), some limit you to just a few college kids (1 per team), but the common format is a set number of rounds in your annual devy draft. Before you pick your league, here's a few reasons to seriously consider devy if you haven't already.

You're already watching 10 hours of football on Sunday, might as well do the same on Saturday. I know what you're thinking, my wife kill me and I'll be permanently sleeping on the couch! That won't happen, it's just a little game they play. Call it foreplay. For the women reading this article, if your husband gets upset with you watching football all day on Saturday, ummm....I can't even comprehend that scenario. But send me his name via Twitter DM so I can publicly ridicule him in my next article.

Instead of just a rookie draft in May like your standard dynasty league, you add a devy draft in February or March, and who doesn't like drafting? More drafts means more opportunity to trade, and now you'll have more assets for trading! Getting that notification that a trade is in our inbox is a short-term high we all know and love. Even though the offer will probably be something horrible, like David Johnson and a 2nd for Deandre Hopkins and a 4th. Okay, it probably wouldn't be that bad, but getting the offer is what matters. Too bad your league owners are probably smarter than the Texans.

The more you learn about players in college, the better prepared you'll be for the rookie drafts in your non-devy dynasty leagues. Devy gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. This means you'll be winning more, which leads to more championships, probably some money in your pocket, and holding that coveted trophy over the heads of all your league-mates! And we all know that trash-talking is a huge part of fantasy football. If you aren't trash-talking owners in your league, you should be, because trash-talking is fun and deep down most of us play fantasy because it's fun...and devy is a blast!

If you're thinking this might be a bit much, I assure you it's not as much work as you think. There are a lot of analysts who provide great content (psst, the Devy Happy Hour podcast), find them and use their work to help you focus on the guys you should be targeting. There's also content that isn't worth the price of the paper you printed it on, especially the way TP is being hoarded these days, so listen to a few people and follow the ones you trust. The good ones want to help you and will even give you advice during your drafts, so take advantage!

Part 2 of this series will focus on devy startup strategies and tips for picking the right league. Follow me on Twitter @skipnewton31 and the podcast, Devy Happy Hour.