One of the hottest shows on TV is airing right now is “The Bachelorette”. In simplest terms, it's about 25 men all drooling and clawing for the right to get the girl at the end. At the end of every episode if she likes the guy enough she gives them a rose to continue on the show while each episode more poor guys are “knocked out”. Eventually it’s down to two suitors, one getting the rose and the girl while the other goes home. This article is to explain to you who deserves your rose from the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks.

We have two real contestants I want to talk about that can earn your rose. First standing in front of you is Tyrod Taylor, Tyrod has a well-managed record behind him and with that you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting and he will make you happy with his consistent behavior. Second in player in front of you is the number one draft pick in the NFL Draft this year Baker Mayfield. Baker has all the looks, the attitude, and the tools to sweep you off your feet but just not right now. Baker is a project and he is for the longer term relationship.

Lets dive a little bit deeper into both of these guys.

Tyrod Taylor and his signature smile were acquired by Cleveland in a trade with the Buffalo Bills this past offseason for a third round pick in last years draft, new GM John Dorsey does not give away picks very often and for him to part ways with one for Tyrod speaks volumes as to what they plan to get out of him in Cleveland. All reports coming out of Berea are saying that this is his locker room and that the team already sees him as the leader of this team. What this says to me is he has rallied a franchise, coming off a 0-16 season, around him. Another key part to this puzzle is the new offensive coordinator in Cleveland in Todd Haley. He has never had a quarterback with Taylors tool set at his disposal. That being said I do expect the team to involve more RPO and read plays for him to be creative with. My final take about Tyrod is that he does something a lot of people say is the most important, he doesn’t turn the ball over! His decision making is one of his best traits and this will allow him and this offense to stay on the field longer and rack up the fantasy points.

Now the flip side of the Tyrod Taylor narrative is of course they have a young and hungry player in Baker Mayfield waiting that they selected first overall in this past years draft. Baker is use to having to work his tail off to get what he feels is his and he has proven that from going from a walk-on at Oklahoma to winning the Heisman Trophy this past year. Mayfield will have the tools around him for several years with Jarvis Landry, Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson all locked up for several years around him, meaning they have nothing but time to build a recore with Baker. There is no doubt this will eventually be Mayfields team it's just a matter of when. Baker will also have the unique opportunity to actually sit and learn and not be thrown right into the fire that is the NFL, instead he can gradually progress and not have the normal demands that rookie quarterbacks have had in the last decade. There is a lot to like about Baker Mayfield in Cleveland, the main thing is he is built for more of a long term relationship and in this case that may be very beneficial.

Now for the rose ceremony for you dynasty players, both men make very compelling arguments on paper. Tyrod Taylor has the more immediate impact for consistent gains for players and makes for a very viable option but who knows what will happen with this team as a whole. He could play well and lead them to a decent or even a winning record and they could give him and extension and buy Mayfield more time, or Cleveland could just be average or mediocre and they can abandon him for the sexy draft pick. I personally see the latter happening in that Baker Mayfield has all the promise at this point on a team that is finally heading in the right direction and building it with weapons around him. This upcoming season may belong to Tyrod Taylor but when a team spends the number one overall pick on you then you are apart of there plans for the future and the future is Baker Mayfield in Cleveland, tbut at the end of the day though as the fantasy player the choice is yours so who will get your rose?