Football is back! With it comes the always ominous training camp hype trains and nightmare expresses. The question which will you allow on board your team? Some rumors and reports can be true and lead to insider trading in your league worthy of F.C.C monitoring. You can ride all these all the way to the championship this year and beyond if you play your cards right. Here are a couple thoughts and nuggets from Browns camp to get you started.

Baker Mayfield Impressing

The team has not softened there stance on how Tyrod Taylor is the undisputed starting quarterback for the team. Nevertheless, Mayfieled has been showing off way more than was expected of him at this point in training camp according to the coaching staff. He has shown a connection with fellow rookie wideout Antonio Callaway, completing multiple deep balls in the first few days of camp. Even with Mayfield impressing, do not expect him to get to start anytime soon unless if Tyrod Taylor completely implodes.

Nick Chubb Showing Jim Brown Endorsed Him

Jim Brown famously bashed the Browns selecting Trent Richardson several years ago and we all now know how right he was. In the 2018 NFL Draft, he has thrown his vote into the basket of Nick Chubb. So far he is proving why Brown and the organization liked him. He has brought a hard-nosed physical running style which is reminding the team of some old school backs like Jim Brown himself. As mentioned in “Who Deserves Your Rose?”, Chubb should earn goal line reps because of this running style. We will all have a better idea of his role after the first preseason game, but until then this is a role many feel he can thrive in.

Taylor and Landry Showing a Strong Connection Early

The two most notable newcomers to the Browns are quarterback Taylor and wide receiver Jarvis Landry, both seem to be showing the connection of love at first sight. Taylor had all his receivers on the Browns fly out to Los Angeles and work this offseason and the work ethic has carried over to training camp. During the early days if camp Taylor and Landry have both been working relentlessly on there chemistry in the passing game, specifically on routes and timing. This will prove crucial especially with the Browns saying they will be lining up Landry on the outside more this season.

Callaway on the Rise

The Browns made another trade with the Bills, this time sending Corey Coleman up I-90 and receiving a 2020 seventh rounder in return. This tells me one of two things: either the Browns are truly loving everything Callaway has been showing thus far at camp, or they might be seriously considering being in Dez Bryant. I believe in the former, as Callaway has been showing everything teams believed he could be as long as his off the field issues are behind him. If he can stay on the field he will quickly become one of Taylor’s favorite targets and become a valuable weapon for Cleveland’s offense.

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